Friday, May 16, 2014

Mock-Ups and Mayhem

What am I doing now?! Starting a new project, of course. But this time, it's serious! I'm still working on my video game, but with my newfound discovery of how easy Photoshop can be, I begin creating mock-ups for my potential channel on YouTube. Kill me! Why am I doing this?

Because I can, and I've always wanted to make content videos, but I was too scared before, and also, pretty much in the dark ages as far as video equipment goes. With my shotgun mic coming in the post today and my DSLR, I can finally make things without it sounding or looking like a giant mass of gross, uneditable crap.

And since the internet doesn't like blogs anymore (at least not the mass majority), why not switch to video format? It's not like anyone is really awaiting my posts here since they tend to be on the sporadic side. I just need to spend some time making content that won't make me look like an idiot in front of the camera, which is a real possibility because I am awkward as fuck.

If you're at all interested in what the content will be, I'll give you some details. Mostly, it'll be reviews on movies and video games, as well as me playing 'retro' games for the first time. But it's not completely planned out. I'll need to do some testing on the equipment when it gets here, and then some test runs of me talking to the camera so I can find some kind of groove with it.

So, if you're still reading and you have any opinions on this junk, just let me know in the comments. Tips, comments, put-downs, or otherwise.

I'll still keep the blog up. Who knows when I'll want to update Pill Collins? Maybe I'll add some progress pictures of Cool Naked Jim as well. Who am I kidding? I need this blog. :)
Okay, well, signing off, 
the Video Dame.


  1. I would like to actually do something like this on the YouTube but I'm pretty much the same way. It would be to awkward for me unless I did it around some awkward character doing video games or something.

  2. I've been practicing in front of the camera but I'm still so incredibly awkward, too. A beer helps, though. Haha,